Big 120ml Chinese cup with saucer

Big 120ml Chinese cup with saucer

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Big 120ml Chinese cup with saucer

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Perfect for a 1 person gong fu session
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Big 120ml Chinese cup with saucer

These big cups (in gong fu terms) are perfect for emptying a whole yixing pot into one big cup. They are made in China for export to the western world. That means they have pictures on them of various scenes (as we westeners liked at the time).

The exact date of these cups is hard to determine. They are probably somewhere between late Qing to the 1960's.

These cups are featured in our video "Are antique cups better for tea" @ 12:06:

Summary: These cups are great for tea!

All our vintage/antique wares are not new and we only carry one. They can have minor scratches, pits, backing errors, glazing errors etc. Please take this into account when buying!


  • Cup capacity: +/-120ml
  • Cup measurements: +/-8cm x 5cm
  • Saucer measurements: 12cm diameter


  • 1 Cup
  • 1 Saucer
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