Antique gentlemen cup

Antique gentlemen cup

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Antique gentlemen cup

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Antique gentlemen cup

This cup features 3 elderly gentlemen in a garden. The cup is small and very useful for gong fu brewing.

This cup is in good condition. It has a small almost unnoticable hairline in the glaze.

This cup is featured in the following youtube video @ 4:42:

Summary: HORRIBLE cup for tea. Buy it to see what a bad cup tastes like, decoration or to irritate your enemies.

All our vintage/antique wares are not new and we only carry one. They can have minor scratches, pits, backing errors, glazing errors etc. Please take this into account when buying!


  • Capacity: +/- 26ml
  • Diameter +/- 5cm, Height +/- 3,5cm


  • 1 cup
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