Hong shui GABA

Hong shui GABA

Hong shui GABA

90% of 100
Tea you can drink at night
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Hong shui GABA

We did a first look on our Youtube channel of this tea. Firstlook video's are a bit longer as I've never drank the tea before:

This tea is from Nantou, Taiwan and is processed in a way to bring out alot more GABA in the tea. GABA is a neurotransmitter that is present in your brain. GABA is supposed to make you calmer. We won't make big claims that GABA will make you sleep easier if you are stressed or that will calm you down when you had a terrible day. But it does seem it doesn't interfere much with sleep as other tea and having a nice tea always calms us down! Try it and see for yourself

Brewing styles:

  • Grandpa style:    
  • Leaves in a bowl:
  • Sidehandle:          
  • Gong fu:                

For information about brewing styles, click here

Brewing tips:

Try brewing it at night ^^

More Information
Country Taiwan
Area Nantou
Year 2019
Season Spring
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