Inner peace

Inner peace

Inner peace

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Inner peace Tieguanyin oolong

Inner peace is a traditional processed Tieguanyin. This means a higher roast and oxidation than most that is on the market. Because of the higher roast, this tea is suitable to drink in the evening or when it is getting a bit colder. This tea is an extremely good canditate for aging your own oolong. When you buy the 150g option, you get the original vacuumed bag.

Brewing styles:

  • Grandpa style:    
  • Leaves in a bowl:
  • Sidehandle:          
  • Gong fu:                

For information about brewing styles, click here

Brewing tips:

Hotter water, preferably Gong fu and enjoy.

More Information
Country Taiwan
Area Zhu shan, Nantou
Year 2020
Season Spring
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