Moonlight white

Moonlight white

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Moonlight white

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Moonlight white

This white tea is made from 'big leaf' trees. That means that the tea still has a single trunk like a tree. In other areas of the world the tea grows more in a bush like structure. When this tea is young it tastes like white tea, when it ages it becomes more like a red tea.

This tea is sweet and fragrant.

Brewing styles:

  • Grandpa style:    
  • Leaves in a bowl:
  • Sidehandle:          
  • Gong fu:                

For information about brewing styles, click here

Brewing tips:

This tea is really forgiving if you misbrew it. You can even boil it and it will resemble a red tea more. Delicious!

More Information
Country China
Area Jinggu
Year 2019
Season Spring
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