Porcelain tea bowl

Porcelain tea bowl

Porcelain tea bowl

Handmade porcelain tea bowl
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These porcelain tea bowls are handmade by Xander. He is a Dutch potter and he made these bowl specifically to be used in tea ceremonies. This doesnt mean you cannot use them for 'normal' tea. We often do!

Xander spent about 4 years perfecting this glaze to work well with tea. Mimicing the feel of antique Chinese porcelain. The result is a very smooth drinking experiance.

The bowls will change over time. Getting more crackles in their glaze. The tea will slowly start to enter into these crackles and make your bowl even more beautiful (See last picture).

On ordering, we will randomly send you a bowl. We cannot guarantee any speckle pattern. The dimensions of each bowl can differ slightly.


  • Handmade in the Netherlands
  • Porcelain
  • Sanded down, smooth stand
  • Dimensions approx 11,5cm wide, 7 cm tall
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