Sweet dream

Sweet dream

Sweet dream

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  • Late 90's shou puer
  • Perfect for in the evening
  • Deep, tender and subtly sweet
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Sweet dream shou puer

Sweet Dream is a gentle, aromatic late 90’s shou puer, with a subtle sweet taste. This tea is not too activating and invites you to go deep, be tender and surrender. A perfect tea to drink in the evening, on a mellow morning or on a rainy day. Sweet Dream allows you to daydream, makes space for your inner wisdom to come through and brings clarity about what you truly desire in life.

Brewing styles:

  • Grandpa style:    
  • Leaves in a bowl:
  • Sidehandle:          
  • Gong fu:                

For more information about brewing styles, click here.

Brewing tips:

Drink this tea in the evening, on a mellow morning or when you’re so activated already that you’re looking for a mild tea.

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Country China
Season Spring
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