Traditional Dong Ding

Traditional Dong Ding

Traditional Dong Ding

100% of 100
Heavily oxidized and roasted Taiwanese oolong
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Traditional Dong Ding

These days, there are a lot of lighter oolongs from Taiwan. Lighter oolongs are easier to brew, make and process. But as any older Taiwanese tea lover can tell you.. They dont have alot of depth. This tea is processed in the traditional way of old. With more roast en more oxidation than recent oolongs. This makes this tea have character and will satiate the grumpy old tea lover in all of us. Like they used to make it!

Brewing styles:

  • Grandpa style:    
  • Leaves in a bowl:
  • Sidehandle:          
  • Gong fu:                

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Brewing tips:

Because the leaves are rolled into little balls. it is lovely to put a couple of them in a bowl and watch them unfurl. But this tea really loves to be brewed gong fu.

More Information
Country Taiwan
Area Nantou
Year 2019
Season Summer
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